welcome to the danger zone

A Brief Postcard from Dreamland

I wake up every day to write. Every day. And then I fall back to sleep.

Chemo is kicking my ass, pure and simple. I am exhausted, more tired than you could imagine. I sleep and when I am awake I am wishing I was asleep. I don’t want to do anything else but. I’m only working half days, and when I come in the door, I go directly to bed. There is currently a distinct depression in my bed from where I currently curl up.

So I apologize for the lack of updates. I have the best intentions. But dark dreaming seems to win out every time. I am sure I will be plagued by pre-chemo anxiety in the next few days, so maybe I can squeeze a novella in then. Or during the next episode of Vikings, but for now, as my eyes start to tear from having to stay open, I return to the comfy bed. Be well my friends.

note: I am planning to escape on an overnight to my brother’s in Maryland this weekend…maybe lying on someone else’s couch and bed will rejuvenate me.


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