welcome to the danger zone

dreamers, dreams, desires

I’m saving the new words for later.


As part of the this challenge, I’ve been reading other blogs participating in the challenge, and I realize so many people dream of being a writer, or a poet, or some other creative. There are over two thousand different blogs participating. They vary widely – some I read and follow, some are too busy, with things all over their page to keep my attention long enough to read the content, some I read and just don’t find anything that speaks to me. There are all kinds of writing styles – all kinds of skills. All kinds of dreams.


This challenge leads to some great words – desideratum – something that is yearned for, greatly desired. It made me think about the crazy dreams I had when I was young, like owning every album every made, reading every book in the library – then the ones that I had as I got older – surfing, backpacking across Europe – and the ones I have now – having enough money to get oil and keep the electric on, hoping that one day I’ll be able to actually leave money in my savings account and the big one, my little stone cottage with an ocean view and a stone fence with a garden and corgi, and just enough money to live a simple life, swing on my yard swing, read books, and have friends come by to enjoy the view. I tried to write a bucket list the other day, and you know, it wasn’t very long. It’s not that I don’t have things I’d like to do before I die, it’s just not that there are any things I feel I will be cheated out of if I don’t do them. Weirdly enough, none of this makes me sad. But it is the only time I feel a yearning when I think of the cold, harsh Pacific Ocean. Unless you count those weird days when the breeze is perfect and sky is bright in a certain haunting way and you ache for something you cannot name, but are sure is missing. There is a word for that, and that word for that starts with S. That’s a mess of letters later on in this challenge, we’ll see if we get there. But for now, we’ll just go with desideratum.


and in other curious words that begin with d…decrepitate, diablerie, dririmancy and today’s word for this photo!






until I return later, to dazzle you with the power of the letter e.


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