welcome to the danger zone

adoxography. alternators. apotropaic

_1782575_teddy_xray_300the study of teddy bears = arctophily

yep. You guessed it. I started the A to Z challenge.


Apotropaic means “designed to turn away evil”


but we’re really hear to talk about alternators – and how pleased I am to not have to write a post about how much the new alternator cost to replace the bad one. Because the alternator was not bad. Apparently there are a group of wires that sit behind the left front tire, usually protected by the wheel well. Which is not there anymore. Because if we harken back to a few months ago when Andy had that little dust up with the car, it was torn out. Now, I should have realize the young lad at Auto Zone really didn’t have all that much auto repair experience because if he was a mechanic, it is unlikely that he would be earning a living working the counter at auto zone. Not that he couldn’t be, but I would say the statistical probability that he isn’t, is probably quite high.


However, this knowledge did not prevent me from having to have the car jump-started 2x yesterday, or diminish my anger and aggravation at the fact that I couldn’t not shut my car off at all yesterday until I got home. So I drove from home visit to home visit, leaving my car running outside the homes I visited while I was inside. Nor does it matter that I had to rise earlier than the stupid honking geese this morning to take the car to the mechanic to drop it off, only to find out at day’s end that there really isn’t anything they can do because it has to go to a body shop and to top it off, got to pay for the privilege of that news. So, for now, the car is perfectly drivable. Except if it decides not to be.


So that’s my A. There’s no real theme to my selection, but then this blog is apolaustic. And I am off to try apantomancy with some frijoles. Google that shit. I’m all about the learning.


Btw, April is also Child Abuse Prevention month. As a baby-snatcher, I encourage you to go here and find out how you can help keep the littles safe: http://www.childhelp.org/blog/entry/10-ways-you-can-prevent-child-abuse


now, I must seek out and devour dinner. Til the morrow, my friends.



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