welcome to the danger zone

Gutting 2.0 – Pufferfish Has To Go

Well, I will be at Penn State Hershey Medical Center bright and early Friday morning for the live action version of “Operation”. We’ve moved from draining a cyst to doing a biopsy. Under moderate sedation. And while they go in after the pufferfish that has taken up residence in the spot where the ol’ uterus and co. used to reside, I’ll be off will Lil’ Nemo in Slumberland. Seriously, if you have not seen that animate film,. Little Nemo’s Adventures in Slumberland, you need to. One of the most troubling animated films I’ve ever enjoy. Those wacky tree creatures unsettle me every time.


So of course I got the call this morning, on my way to work, just in time to screw up the whole day. Then there was pain. Pain unlike I have had since the last neulasta shot. I couldn’t find a place to be comfortable and I only had aspirin at my disposal. I literally wanted to lie on the floor and cry until someone put me out of my misery. When the hospital called at lunch time to review my medical history and asked me my pain level, I was at 5. Which I probably understated. It was a fucking 10. But all is well in the home again, a new prescription of pain medication is within the grasp of my chubby little hands. I just want this all to be over. The not knowing is the worst part – once I know one way or another, I can figure out what is next, but not knowing puts everything on hold.


Anyway, that’s where things stand right now. I’m trying to keep my positive attitude and think positive thoughts, but I know that right now I positively need another half of a pill and to try and sleep. However, in other news, I somehow managed to delete all the contacts in my phone last night. If you have my number, text me with your name so I can rebuild my peoples. If you need my number, comment here, or send me a fb message.


On the plus side, I bet there will be a rainbow of jello to choose from after I wake up on Friday. And maybe Andy will want to go see the Lego movie with his mommy after the invasive probing is completed. So if you pray, pray for me, or ask the universe for favors, or sacrifice a goat or make a voodoo doll in the shape of my uterine cavity invader. Just send the good thoughts my way. Presents are always welcome, but not required, but again, I’m still looking for a cheap used ipod shuttle or something since my good friend the mini is now lost.


I know I can get through what ever it is, I just want whatever it is to be a false alarm.




One response

  1. Catherine

    Praying and asking the Universe for a perfect outcome for the highest good. Mental hugs and positive thoughts as well.

    26 February 14 at 1:41 pm

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