welcome to the danger zone

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Attention whore. That’s right. I don’t feel much like writing today – I think I am headed into the lull period of my bipolar writing syndrome. That’s not to say that I don’t have much much much more to say, just I don’t feel like being a sparkly wit tonight. I had to fight the cold today. My car doesn’t have heated seats. And I had to wear socks. Under boots. Which is like Chinese footbinding to me. So to delight you in a new way (and meet the challenge today of my 30 day blogging challenge) I will embed some of my pinterest collections into this post:

NOTE: I don’t know what happened to the first and best version of this entry…wordpress lost it somewhere and now I am sad. This is a rewrite. I apologize for the diminished sparkle.

First, here are some pretty things to look at. Some pictures feature the artwork of Andrew Goldsworthy. There’s an amazing documentary about his work, which are pieces he creates with items found in nature. They can be very complex and stunning and will make you want to stack rocks in the woods no matter how cold it is tomorrow. My favorite pin in this collection is the llama in the car. It makes me smile.

Madness, Mirth and Mischief

This next one features all the dark creepiness that brings me joy. The things that bring a smile instead of a nightmare – gothic my pretty ponies, clothing from McQueen and Westwood I’ll never afford or wear, dream wedding cakes for the imaginary wedding, and cemeteries. And scary dolls. And more scary dolls. And skulls.

Dark Delights

Finally, more pretty things. Pretty pretty things. Because other things are pretty besides crows and cemeteries shrouded in fog.

My Pretties

And if you want to follow me on Pinterest (and a surprising number of people do, I guess because I don’t scary them away with my psychotic ramblings) go here:

That’s all lovelies. I hope that you enjoyed a visual foray into my brain, and if you ever want to see my collections of cemetery photos, JUST ASK! Be well, have a happy hug it out hump day and stay snuggly my sweetlings.


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