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Happy Blogiversary! Or, The Lovely Shannon and AMF (and Jeanne) NEW IMPROVED AND UPDATED!

Today is my blogiversary. Three years of captivating writing. I would continue with holding your rapt attention with my insights, but this blog will honor three special people, as my pitiful begging on Facebook to get to 50 real followers was made more attractive by the pledge to honor blog follower number 50. The actual number 50 was AMF###. I don’t know who you are behind that number, but since you subscribed to my blog I do know this:

AMF### is a wise and insightful person. They are perceptive, they recognize brilliant writing and are selective about the blogs they follow. Most days they are busy living a busy life, doing important things and being kind to people. They do fun things for fun. They like to eat when they are hungry and enjoy things like sports, or movies or books, if they like sports, or movies or books. They don’t like to be in the spotlight so their gravatar profile is very mysterious and makes you wonder who they are. They are humble. And they were clearly touched by my heartfelt plea. Dear AMF###, thank you from the depths of my soul, and if you ever choose to tell me who is behind this curious moniker, I will laud you with more of the praise you deserve. (UPDATE: Number 50 was the delightful Ashley, lover of glitter and unicorns and special person extraordinaire; she of rustling up christmas trees, decor, toys, clothes, food, housewares, and the like for the needy, she who holds the invisible gavel and maintains order with the unruly agency morale committee, outshining her job description, lover of literature, future coauthor of the great grant that will let us become agency ambassadors of knowledge and resources, game player, trivia queen, bright spot in so many days, slayer of bears, she who has a pithy quip at the ready in most instances, and just about the most resourceful person I have ever known – and, she is all of the things previously written as well…amazing!)

Shannon, you were number 51. I want to thank you too, because well, I know who you are. Shannon is a very smart, passionate, enthusiastic young woman who I had the pleasure of getting to know as a student of mine at LVC. She always has a smile, and throws herself into the causes she is passionate about. She is very concerned with women’s issues. She likes cats, and is a bit of a foodie. She is also everything that AMF### is above. Thank you Shannon, and it’s nice to see you being a successful young woman.

Then there’s Jeanne. Jeanne has been a supporter of me as a person and a mom since I met her. She and her family are amazing people, the kind of family we all wish our families to be, but they never are. I was blessed to be friends with her amazing daughter Debbie, aka hummingbird (I left out the usual adjective that begins with f and rhymes with ducking) and as a bonus got to adopt Jeanne and her family as my surrogate family for the last, oh, 25+ years. Jeanne, you are the best surrogate mom and grandmother a Pennsylvania immigrant to California that a woman and her wily son could have. The times I spent with your family, before Andy was born, and after are very precious memories for me, and I treasure all the support and wisdom you have shared with me. You gave Andy and I happy holiday memories to model our own on, and I know I couldn’t have gotten through the hardest days of my cancer struggle without knowing you were in my corner. Plus, she’s a killer scrabble player. Thank you Jeanne for being part of my life (and Andy’s, even though he’s shamed me and is becoming a dirty hippie, listening to jam bands and shaming me, even though I raised him to listen to better music – next thing you know he’ll be bringing home hacky sacks and becoming a vegan! The shame!)

Thus ends today’s blog entry. I am in killer pain that naps did nothing to abate, so I am reluctantly going to end the day with pharmaceuticals – which I would like to add – have been managing to do without for at least two weeks. As an added bonus this week, I received a little reminder in the mail I have a CT scan this week, oh goodie! Early anxiety. And important fact for today. Manatees weigh less than walruses, thus I have a goal this year of being less of a walrus, and more of a manatee. And if you were following my list of resolutions on FB, and wondering if I have kept them…YES! I have eaten no cauliflower, checked my phone once a day and every other resolution I made. So far.

Thank you to everyone who reads, subscribes or deletes the email that contains my blog. I appreciate your support in whatever way I get it. I’m grateful. Sleep well my pets.


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  1. nanapedro

    I’m very (can’t think of a proper word) to be a part of your happy memories of California. Ron and I miss having you over for hte holidays, maybe it will happen someday. Thanks for making us a part of your blog, it was special. <(:)

    5 January 14 at 12:39 am

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