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A Self-Righteous, Snarky and Completely Unrelateable Rant.

Couple of things. I am still waiting on the deliveries of leftover cookies. Really. I still don’t have the energy to bake christmas cookies, but do have the energy to eat them. Normally, I am inundated with them. This year, not so much. No, wait, NOT AT ALL.

Second, sorry I am writing so much. I just feel like writing, and therefore if you are reading this, you feel much like you do when you see a car wreck. You are compelled to stop and read. Unless, you are more like the people who are lately subscribing to my blog. Some people do read it and subscribe, but a surprising number just subscribe and don’t even read my brilliant essays and observations. They apparently want to help me make my blog better. Except some of their pages use particularly poor grammar and poor spelling. And want to help me make my muscles bigger. Or give me the opportunity to join their internet home business and have a life of travel. Unless you are some sort of performer, or ambassador or politician, or pope, I do believe that having to move every 2-3 months to an exotic locale screams FUGITIVE rather than successful business person. But, hey, some people claim I have been wrong at some point in my life.

Anyway, that isn’t what drew me back to my keyboard. First has to do with kids. I will probably ruffle the feathers of many people with this post, but hey, I am not saying you are wrong, I am just saying take it one step further. Recently, in a nearby county a beautiful young girl lost her life to cancer. Losing a child is my greatest fear, even though my child is 22, it still terrifies me. I am so sorry her family has had to suffer with her through her illness, and now are faced with her absence from this world. That’s something no parent should have to face, ever. Today however, thousands of children will die. I just watched a program on a 9yo boy who died from systematic starvation by his mother and her paramour, and how during the autopsy, he was found to have 250 SEPARATE injuries sustained to his body over the previous months. No one organized anything while he was dying. He had no last wish. No one posted across the interwebs tributes to his passing. He just died. And the only reason his death matters now, is because it made an interesting documentary about how horrific his parents were. But his death was perhaps even more horrible because it was observed and totally preventable. I can give you my thoughts on why no one rallied together to save him, or memorialize him or change the system that failed him, but does that matter? Not really, What matters to me is this: we’ll take the time to pass on an article, or a video and we’ll comment on it and whatever using social media. But why do we feel that’s enough? You want to honor that child, really? Donate five dollars to a charity. Call the cancer society, or cystic fibrosis foundation, or childhood diabetes foundation, and ask how you can help. Do a real action in honor of that child. I don’t want my news feed to be full of tribute videos about a kid you don’t know because you just want to feel good about passing it on. Sorry, it just fires me up. Passing on a video does nothing. Taking action, no matter how small, starts a ripple of change. I’m not saying you can’t post a tribute video, but hey, do something with it. And if you can do nothing else, start a conversation about it, point people to resources, and for dog’s sake, don’t follow it up with a ecard about how you would like to hit stupid people in the face with a chair. And before you slap another poor doggie picture on my facebook wall, realize that the SPCA needs sixty cents a day to care for that poor kitty or doggie. UNICEF asks only for fifty. Why are we all so eager to give cash to save animals and let children starve? Unless we are planning to fatten up those kitties and puppies… oh seriously, boycott my blog…that was a joke.

UPDATE: So, I saw an add from the organization CARE.org. They only need 30 cents a day for a month to help a child. That’s right, for what you’d donate to help a puppy, you can help TWO children. 90% of CARE’s donations go directly to humanitarian causes while 81% of the ASPCA’s funding goes to actual efforts, 17% goes to fundraising, including MAKING THOSE DAMN COMMERCIALS. So yeah, just wanted to help keep the populace informed.

want to help kids with cancer? here’s a chance – any donation makes her closer to her goal…$1, $2, whatever…


UPDATE: Ginny made it past $1000…so she’s over 50% there…but don’t let that keep you from donating. or donating again.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to follow up on the whole Duck Dynasty nonsense. I hope you will all refer to your own pocket constitution and follow along. If not, there is one online, http://constitutionus.com/

In particular, I draw your attention to the first article in the bill of rights:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I would like to point out that Congress will make no laws about freedom of speech. It does not mean that you have it. It means that Congress will make no law that prohibits it. So, it means you can say what you want, there is no law that prevents it. You however, will still be accountable for the repercussions of your words and how they impact your life. Sorry you aren’t smart enough to read and understand the constitution. You say something you own it and you own the consequences of saying it. I see a person much larger than me. I use my words to call them something that will offend them. They beat the crap out of me. I call foul. I say I have free speech and can say what I want and no one can do anything to me. You would say idiot. But let me be a TV personality, and depending on my popularity I can say whatever nonsense I want and not have consequences. Because a bunch of equally stupid politicians and their constituents think they know the constitution. I doubt most of them have read it. You don’t want to be held accountable, don’t fucking say it. I can’t call people fornicators, sodomites, and insult them based on their skin color without having consequences, why does a TV reality show star get to do so, and have millions of people support them. FALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

A few months back, I made a benign comment of facebook regarding some insight I had on my mental attitude one day. Someone on my friend’s list – which is minimal – decided to call my job and complain about it. To get me fired. Basing my ability to do my job on one statement. I had to have my supervisor and director speak to me about what I say on Facebook. I insulted no one. But I was held to the fire for speaking my mind. I took ownership of my words. BECAUSE THE ONLY PLACE I AM TRULY FREE IS IN MY MIND. If I put it out here, I own it. These are my thoughts and I am willing to lose my job if I put it out there and causes harm to what I do. I own what I say. I have, and I will. That does not mean that I just let whatever I am thinking flow out of my mouth or fingers. I am not that stupid. One of my favorite quotes is this: You are always free to make your own choices – however, you are not free from the consequences of that choice. Thus, the morale of my little rant is this: People will say stupid things. Maybe they don’t mean them, maybe they didn’t think them through, but they came out of their mouths. If you say it own it, and accept what happens next. And read the damn constitution. You’ll be surprised about that second amendment as well.

Finally, I did not know this was going on down under. Tragic. Make sure your read the comments to understand the true impact of this horrible epidemic.


As I said before, it’s back to work tomorrow. I put off being a stowaway on freighter for too long and now I’ve missed the boat, and have to resume my normal life. You may or may not hear from me before the new year. I’m not making any resolutions. I hate New Year’s Eve. I don’t understand the whole point of celebrating being one year closer to death, and regretting all the valuable lessons the last year taught you – even when they were painful and life-sucking lessons, they make the good days all that more magical. Good night my little snowballs, let’s hope for a major snowstorm on Wednesday night that closes down work for two days. We all can dream.

Hey, why not subscribe to this blog? or get your friend, or enemies to.  You never know when I will say something remarkable.


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  1. gina

    Thoroughly agree on the passing along this that and the other thing on fb. Donate…volunteer…something.

    30 December 13 at 11:07 pm

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