welcome to the danger zone

A Christmas Poem


Twas the morning of Christmas,

my whole body’s sore,

I fell off the footstool

and fell to the floor.

A tree we would have

If it twas the last thing I did,

and I promised I’d decorate it

all cute for my kid.

I opened the boxes

took out ornaments galore

the rhino, the dinosaurs

the flamingo and more.

I strung all the lights

hung up each treasured holiday ball

and was thankful that Amazon

had spared me the mall.

When up on the third floor

I noticed no clatter,

I called up to Andy,

but nothing was the matter

Andy had laid down

and had fallen asleep

our plan was now moot

cuz he did not make a peep

I called up to him

said bring me the star

and hey did you bring in

the stuff from the car?

He mumbled a yes

but just went to bed

and didn’t get to see

my fall and hit my head

but the tree it now sparkles

and glitters with joy

and has a few presents

for my all-grown up boy.

So despite all the pain

in my hip and my back

A beautiful tree

our house does not lack

I am not drunk

and dinner was not a mess

a pleasant evening

tonight, I confess

So I say to you now

give your family your time

or I will come back

with another tree rhyme.

It may not seem much

decorating a tree,

but finally getting one up

is a milestone for me

I was sick for too long

and things did not get done

and my hope for this year

was to finish one thing, just one.

In my Christmas pajamas,

I quietly rest

and hope that for you

this christmas’ the best.

Happy Christmas to you

and sweet dreams tonight

and may all your wishes

come true at first light.GE DIGITAL CAMERA


2 responses

  1. Stormy Jane

    Perfection! These best Christmas poem I’ve heard yet! Made me smile 🙂 merry Christmas! ❤️

    25 December 13 at 2:19 am

  2. Thanks Stormy! Merry Christmas to you, so happy to see your success!

    25 December 13 at 3:09 am

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