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Elf on the Porch (Elves Actually, The Most Amazing Kind)

Good things do happen.

Wednesday was awesome. We had a great holiday party, I got some good loot, a special surprise present and best of all, two people I have great respect for told me that they appreciate my efforts to go above and beyond at my job. That means more than any gift. I don’t do what I do for the praise, I do it because I don’t know any other way, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that having someone acknowledge it out loud made me feel appreciated and that meant more than they could know. Good laughs, good food, good friends – I don’t write blog posts about good times as often as I do whiny bitchy ones, but I need to. Of course, good days are not as painfully funny, but they need to be celebrated. I also got to surprise a very deserving co-worker with some thank you gifts that made her day. It was awesome to see her open them and be surprised in front of everyone who benefits from her hard work – she does so much for our families – from feeding our whiny asses at morale events to make us happier workers to acquiring trees and furniture for those who don’t have any to amassing resources for Christmas to…

…Christmas bombing a co-worker’s house. Making Friday an awesome day too. Friday was the day from hell until about 5:30p. That’s a whole other blog entry which will appear at a later date. As I am rolling up to my house, I look to the left (past the mean side mirror – again another entry) and I see a house with lights on it. I look again and realize it is my house. I just sit in the car. How did this happen and who did it? At first, I think it is Andy, but then I know Andy would not put bows on my house and then I see the branches. I know these must have come from the office from the year we decorated in the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I call Paige and interrogate her. There’s lights, a tree, my house is very festive. It’s beautiful. Paige reveals two of the culprits. I go inside and ask Andy what is up. He claims it was elves. They had to be tall elves to decorate the window. Since then I found out it was Addie, Heidi E, Greg, Sue and Ashley F  and that many of my co-workers had contributed to the project. It was one of the nicest, kindest, heartwarming things anyone has ever done for me. And turned the day from hell around. And the funniest twist, Ashley F who was involved in the secret mission was blissfully unaware that this plan was simultaneously happening with my plan to surprise her at the Christmas party with a plethora of magical unicorn gifts.

Morale of this story: Do good. Not for the rewards but because it is right. But if there are rewards, celebrate them because there’s not enough reminders in this world that good exists. And it does.

PS. Andy just came home from work. He said “mom, you work with awesome people” – He’s right. I do. I absolutely do.



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