welcome to the danger zone

A Mundane Little Ramble (#4)


I was going to try and make up for missing yesterday. Not gonna happen. Then I was going to pull out a soapbox and give a little speech about voting rights and civic duty. Nope, not in the mood to go there. I’ve got the birthday blues, and it’s helping me to sleep, a lot. That’s not to say that I don’t do everything I possibly can to get up and get moving, but bed and blankey have pretty strong voices in this.


I certainly would appreciate it if people would stop saying the number to me. It is a big milestone, considering the more I understand about how sick I was, the more I realize I am pretty lucky to be alive, and even luckier to be disease free, but right now, it’s very hard to have people remind me that this particular age is looming and a lot of the dreams and ambitions I had are not really a possibility any more. It’s like I am at a cut-off for a lot of things that just don’t make sense anymore. But things I still imagine myself being able to achieve.


So I go about my days being grateful for what I have and what I have achieve. And trying to live the buddhist ideal of non-attachment which is still very difficult for me. Nevertheless, I keep trying.


I voted. And got to see first hand how a fair and unbiased election can’t happen in any election, whether you are in a small town or a big city. Rules and fairness only apply when people who are supposed to make things equitable do their job. It was interesting to say the least.


So sorry for my failure at hilarity or biting sarcasm. I’m headed back to the warm embrace of my blue blankey. Be well friends.


ps. if you tweet, peckalicious is not me, but I noticed that they are pretty much my complete opposite. kinda funny


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