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Poor Oppressed White People.

I don’t mean poor in the financial sense. I mean poor based on the self pity that seems to surface every time there is a question of the continued racism in America.


How sad it is that this even has to be a discussion in the 21st century. I was pinning stuff on Pinterest the other day and I saw a very simplistic example of explaining different races and culture. You crack a brown egg and a white egg on a plate. The raw egg from each is pretty much identical to the other. It was the shell that was different. Not the interior. Why is it so hard to understand when you try to get people to understand that about humans?


Ignorance is rampant. There’s a stream of people trying to justify the travesty of the Florida v Zimmerman verdict by presenting examples of white people being killed by black people as some sort of evidence that the verdict had nothing to do with race and trying to prove that the media doesn’t care about white people dying. Who gives a twit? The fact is our justice system has bias and corruption and justice was not served in this case.


Skin color aside, here’s what happened. You see a person in your neighborhood who looks suspicious. You grab your gun. You follow them, even after the police tell you NOT TO. THE POLICE TELL YOU NOT TO FOLLOW THE SUSPICIOUS PERSON. But you do anyway. Then a scuffle ensues, and even if said suspicious person is fighting you, YOU HAVE NOTIFIED THE POLICE, THE SUSPICIOUS PERSON IS UNARMED, THE POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY and yet, YOU SHOOT AND KILL THE KID YOU FOLLOWED AND PROVOKED. Please, no matter what your skin is color, HOW IS THIS SELF DEFENSE? It is not a black and white issue, it is a far far far more troubling issue, it is an issue of the crumbling moral core of our society – you can track and kill a “suspicious” person, just because you feel threatened. TRACK AND KILL like a deer or a rabbit.


But, here’s were race comes in…the “SUSPICIOUS” person was only suspicious because of his skin. My son could have been in that hoodie and would not be suspicious because of his skin color. Please stop trying to convince yourself that race has nothing to do with it. Please stop saying you aren’t racist because you have black friends. Please stop saying that there is a difference between your black friends and “niggers” – yes, I know you still use that word. Not around me, because you know I find it offensive, but you know you use it. The day you stop locking your doors in a black neighborhood even though you have been driving with them unlocked for hours, the day you stop differentiating between people by the color of your skin, the day you start using “undocumented” instead of “illegal” – then I will start to give your argument credibility. Stop using words like “chink” “gook” “fag” “Mexican” and start looking at people as people. I don’t hear you bitching about the thousands of undocumented Canadians in this country. There have been organizations that protect the rights of white people… the United States Government, and oh yeah, KKK and White Nationalists.


So please stop. Love people because they are people. The only reason any of us discount or discredit anyone else is because we don’t feel secure in who we are. Own it. Stop whining about your oppression; YOU ARE NOT OPPRESSED. Start looking out for your neighbor instead of being suspicious of them. Start worrying about the kind of world we live in where we babble about freedom and then in the next breath say it’s okay to be accosted, provoked and then killed because you were expressing your right to dress in a way that’s comfortable to you. If Mr. Zimmerman had shown up to court in a Nazi uniform every day for the trial, you can bet the verdict would have been different. Start being sorry that we live in culture where people feel justified killing other people. And for Dog’s sake, learn the difference between Racism, Prejudice and Bigotry. They are not the same.

And care enough to say a prayer or send good thoughts to both the Martin and Zimmerman families. They will never be the same.




2 responses

  1. nanapedro

    well put. you are great with expressing,in words ,what is in most peoples minds.  P.s. I will overlook the spelling. LOL.


    16 July 13 at 1:01 am

    • yeah, I was tired and didn’t spell check. lol

      16 July 13 at 7:31 pm

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