welcome to the danger zone

Anniversary of Sorts

So one year ago today, I started on this tumultuous journey. It was the day I walked into the gynecologist’s office and had the pap smear that lead to the the biopsy that lead to the surgery that lead to…well, cancer. And now it’s the eve of the results of another pap smear that will, no, make that better, show no abnormalities. Unfortunately, even that won’t give me a whole lot of peace, because that first pap was also negative. As was the biopsy. It wasn’t until I was actually gutted that it was clear that I had cancer.

So yeah. I’m still trying to stay positive. The bleeding seems to have disappeared this week so that’s a huge plus in my book.

I am just a bit gloomy this evening – I’ve made it through the year, but I’m waiting on the okay to resume breathing, and hopefully tomorrow night will be all about how I’m all good for another three months until my next visit. (although I do have another check-up this month with my radiation oncologist). Feel free to send good vibes.


4 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Diane, send many, many good vibes your way.

    7 October 12 at 9:02 pm

  2. Anonymous

    Send good vibes!!!

    7 October 12 at 10:49 pm

  3. Anonymous

    Sending good vibes your way..

    8 October 12 at 12:18 am

  4. nanapedro

    You are ALWAYS in our thoughts. sending GOOD VIBES your way….can’t you feel them? luv u


    8 October 12 at 12:50 am

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