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Make Your Own Damn List…

I’m procrastinating. I was playing with my big girl designing toys and they are all over my bed, and I don’t want to have to put everything away (although, I can’t actually sleep in the bed until I do) so I thought I would write (and suck down two tylenol pm, because anxiety has been a bit of an issue lately, so pretty blue pills may me sleep – you know, actually most pills are pretty, but again, that’s another journal entry).

Actually, I’m feeling kind of jovial, and over-tired, and those of you near and dear to me know that lack of sleep is like lack of happy pills…my wit sharpens, my tongue (or in this case, finger) becomes razor sharp, and I get a little snarky, unless I harness the energy. So to prevent me from “throwing some shade” on facebook until I get tired, I thought I would do a positive, feel-good, unicorns-pooping-rainbows-over-a-milkshake-sea, furry-bunny, cotton-candy post. To give credit where credit is due, this is in response to something I saw trending on twitter, #50thingsIhate. I can’t imagine hating 50 things. I can’t imagine hating 10 things. That takes a lot of energy, and makes me sad. So, I decided this post should be about 75 things I love. And if you are one of my faithful readers, I challenge you to make your own list too. Some of you who read one of my old blogs on xanga…(does xanga still exist? I better check…some of my best writing is a journal there) I used to challenge the girls I worked with in my self-esteem workshops to find 10 things to love about themselves, something we don’t do enough of…we are always looking at what’s wrong, and what’s missing and what we need to fix, when the key is to count blessing, joys and good things about yourself. So anyway, I want to get the 75 things done before these tylenol take me to sleep.

These are in no particular order, except for the first two.
1. Andy
2. My friends
3. The sweet smell of cut grass.
4. The Pacific ocean in winter.
5. Storms coming off the Pacific ocean.
6. Corgis.
7. Babies laughing.
8. Stars.
9. Learning.
10. Reading.
11. Water.
12. The Daily Show.
13. The Jesus and Mary Chain
14. Meditation,
15. Dalai Lama (he makes me feel joyous just looking at him)
16. Pizza.
17. Pebble beach near Pescadero. Not “The Pebble Beach”
18. Fast german cars.
19. Birds signing in the morning.
20. Porch Swings.
21. Ripe peaches.
22. Cherries.
23. Country drives.
24. Splashing in warm summer puddles during a thunderstorm.
25. Singing loudly to OWTH while driving fast.
26. Highway 84 to the beach/Old Pescadero Road.
27. Pumpkin picking in Half Moon Bay.
28. Going to the Zoo.
29. Cheetahs.
30. Vampires.
31. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
32. Sleeping in.
33. Gardening.
34. Swimming.
35. Sea Otters.
36. Fog.
37. The Mavericks (not the team, the waves)
38. Tide Pools.
39. Warm brownies with white chocolate peanut butter spread on top.
40. Andy making me laugh until I cry/stop breathing.
41. Road trips.
42. Northern California
43. Disneyland
44. South Dakota
45. Covered Bridges
46. Taking pictures
47. Cemeteries
48. Sylvia Plath
49. Pablo Neruda
50. Donnie Darko
51. Against Me! (especially live)
52. Dancing.
53. Fireworks
54. Shotoing stars.
55. The first snow (and that’s the only snow – it needs to go away in a day or two)
56. Feminism
57. Good debates.
58. Christmas
59. Thanksgiving
60. Pecktivus
61. Finding lucky pennies.
62. Laughing hysterically.
63. Storm clouds.
64. Cool breezes.
65. Thunderstorms
66. Cotton clothes.
67. Indian food.
68. Chinese Festivals
69. State Fairs.
70. Spontaneous long drives.
71. Ice cream with cherry dip.
72. Making things.
73. Point Break.
74. Hugs from little kids.
75. Tattoos.
76. Windchimes
77. Irish folk songs.
78. Sons of Anarchy
79. Tall goth boys in skinny jeans.
80. Chanting.
81. French doors.
82. Balconies
83. Hammocks.
84. Picking huckleberries.
85. Bleenies.
86. Hanging out talking feminism and socialism and theocracies with my like-minded chicas.
87. Teaching
88. Doing self-esteem workshops for kids.
89. Great Art
90. Museums.
91. Flowers.
92. Ginger Beer.
93. Classical music.
94. Wood fires.
95. Crafting things.
96. Trying new things.
97. Making up words.
98. A good fan.
99. Air conditioning.

I was going to do 100 after I realized I had more than 75, but if I go to 100, then I will be compelled to keep going, and going, because there must be thousands of things I love. Like the massive amount of fireflies that you can see on 743 heading out of Hershey on a warm summer night. So there you have it…I challenge you to make your own list. It’s better that whining about what is wrong with your life.

So with the sleepy eyes of one who self-medicated with some tylenol pm (someone text me tomorrow and remind me to call for another prescription for percocet before Monday, so I can pick it up, ‘kay?) I bid you wonderful readerlings sweetest candy-apple dreams. Oh yeah, I love comfy blankets to. I’d like to also point out that not only do I love the things on the list, I am also quite grateful for them. Nighty-night.

(Special note to JMC: I know you know. Everything is energy and it’s all connected. Things fall apart and come back together – streetlights, snow angels, laughter, and bottlerockets. Good times my friend, good times. We don’t have to accept that time is linear. MYA)

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