welcome to the danger zone

Bits of Brightness on the Bumpy Road


Addie’s Amazing Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies…yum!


The beautiful Bouquet of Daffodils from my coworkers…


The sweet message on the vase. I work with awesome people!


The beautiful hyacinths outside the lab…

see, there’s beauty even when I am about to get jabbed!


A close up of the hyacinths.

So on the way back from chemo, when Ashley was taking me home, we were talking about how I still haven’t had that Aha! moment where  the world is supposed to be brighter, more alive, more urgent than it was before a life changing event such as the C-Monster. As I was posting these pictures, I realized that it might be because I have Aha! moments all the time – I am always very aware of the scents and sights and sounds around me. Maybe this isn’t a “life-changer” when your life is constantly changing. Maybe because I don’t often take the small things for granted, that I am not amazed by them now, because they always thrill me.  Maybe the C-Monster is teaching me that I don’t give myself enough credit for who I already am.


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