welcome to the danger zone

R a NT a ST I C… Okay, if that’s how you want to spell it

Dear computer:

When I started to do this project this evening, I didn’t realize that you’re going to fight me on everything. I thought, hey, it should be pretty easy. I’ll use my new software, all I have to do is talk and everything will be typed for me. Sounded simple enough. Well, apparently I don’t articulate. I keep talking, you keep typing gibberish. I know I have to train you. I know it will take time. Seriously though, do you really need to make this harder than necessary?



You see, I really wanted to make this post all about the stupid ASPCA commercials. Before you pet lovers go all psycho-furry on me, this is my blog and I can rant all I want. It’s a sad, sad day when I would prefer to watch Ed Gein steal from corpses and strangle his victims instead of watching the pathetic pleas about how my $18 each month can save the lives of poor neglected animals. It’s beginning to enrage me. I’ll be the first to say that it’s wrong to hurt animals or abandon them. But then I switch on headline news, and I hear all about the budget cuts to education, social programs, food banks and the like, and I wonder why people don’t care enough to make commercials that ask for money to keep kids from being hungry, the elderly supplied with medication, and dare I say it, shelter for the homeless and unemployed. You see, I’m as guilty as the next person wasting food, buying frivolous doodads, indulging in coffees that cost four dollars, and wasting gas by driving when I can walk. Nevertheless, I do get a little indignant when I see those around me expressing their need to not allow others to one up them or get an advantage by ” cheating the system.” Yes, some people do take advantage of entitlements, but many more do not. And yes, it irritates me to see people on food stamps buying dog food, or steak, or having money to buy cigarettes But who made me judge? Or for that matter, who gave you the right to judge? So I guess it’s better in your mind to help animals instead of humans? Unless of course that human is an unborn embryo. In that case, better to allow it to be born into a life of poverty or abuse so you will be able to judge that child and their family as lowlife dirtbags because they didn’t have enough money to really afford this child. Yeah, I’m cranky. It was another tough day at BSC, another day where I had to deal with things that I could not even imagine could happen in reality. Another day where I was faced with contradiction, disparity, poverty, and the reality that while I’m supposedly living in the greatest country in the world, the horror here is not all that different from the terrors of children in Somalia or Afghanistan. When you don’t feel safe, when you don’t have security, when tomorrow you might be homeless, it doesn’t matter how great or how impoverished country you live in is. One thing you will be spared in a Third World country, or at least I hope so, is having to watch a commercial about saving poor neglected animals when you’re sleeping on the street or you haven’t eaten in days. It’s a sad statement about our culture when we would prefer our money to be spent preventing animal neglect while simultaneously insisting that preschool education, infant and pregnant mother nutrition and supplemental food funding be cut because “those people” are too lazy to get jobs and would rather live off the system. However, at the same time exaggerating an injury at work, ridiculous insurance claims, cheating on your taxes -these are all things we are entitled to because we are taken advantage of or unfairly burdened. No doubt some of my friends will call me a bleeding heart liberal or socialist or one of those crazy people on the left. Whatever. Today was just one of those days where the injustice, inequality and brutality of the world in which I live was thrust raw and uncensored into my face. It’s a lot easier to dismiss it or ignore it when you’re not standing in the middle of it.

Now, another topic which I would like to address is the release of the West Memphis Three. If you don’t know who they are, Google it. But before you buy into how horrible it is that these three men are being released from prison, you need to watch the film “Paradise Lost.” When you’re more informed, you can form a better opinion. The media is flashing pictures of the small children who were killed, talking about Satanic ritual, and interviewing the families of victims. What I haven’t seen yet, and perhaps I missed it, is a feature about how the three young men were charged with this crime really deserved a new trial, and how DNA evidence points to a fourth person who’s never been interviewed or identified. Like sheep, we allow the media to herd us in the direction of the most sensationalized version of events, regardless of whether it’s accurate or not. Always remember the easiest way for small group to remain in control of a larger group to keep them afraid. Knowledge is a light in a dark room. There is no reason to be afraid of the light.

Okay Dragon software, you and I have come far this evening. Obviously, we’re going to need to spend more time together; I’m down if you are. Maybe by the end of this weekend you and I can get our act together. Now, I have to get back to my crops, and my porcupines, my armadillo, my flying squirrel and the dragons. Farmville awaits.


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