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Magical Brownies

Oh sure, you are only reading this because you think I am referring to THOSE kind of brownies. Move along people, none of that here. The magical brownie of my evening is the elusive moist chewy brownie with a schmear of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter slathered across the top. Unfortunately, this evening I was left only with a mediocre store bought brownie with some dark chocolate dreams peanut butter smooshed on top. It was good, but not transcendent.

What? You wandered here to read some profound musings and all you got was brownie bits? Actually, I decided to write this evening to celebrate some of the things I find enchanting in life, in fact, I am making a list. It goes like this:

Andy’s sense of humor. He can make me laugh so hard I not only cry but get close to losing consciousness. That sort of laughter is so rare and wonderful – I only wish he didn’t make me laugh like that when I was driving.

The aforementioned brownie.

An ahi tuna taco. or a fish taco. even fish sticks tacos. tacos.

The smell of sweet summer grass.

The electric smell of air following a thunderstorm.

A pina colada fruitista freeze with a double shot of stoli.


The sound of a fan.

Road trips with a pocket full of cash and a camera with a bunch of fully charged batteries.


Remembering and missing your best friend. Still.

Ocean. Actually, the Pacific Ocean. Norther California Pacific Ocean. In Winter.  Cold and foggy and harsh or bright and sparkly, like diamonds.

Perfect ipod playlists.



Back roads.

Reed’s Ginger Brew.

Thai and/or Indian Food.



Salsa fresca and homemade tortillas.

Meteor showers.

Making other people happy.

this blog:



Okay, I’ve run out of motivation. Well not so much motivation, but rather patience. Don’t get me wrong, this lap top has served me well, and still is workhorse, but it’s not ibook or ipad. I need the intuitive responsiveness of fine apple craftmanship. Just like I need a fine vehicle crafted from german engineering.  This keyboard randomly tosses me back to spots in the text and inserts letters where they don’t belong. I am constantly fighting to complete thoughts, so I am going to move on to itunes now, and update the ipod since I downloaded some new music I am itching to listen to…Lemuria, Lily Allen, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Slow Children and Lady Gaga.

Adieu mon petits.


post script: seriously? Michelle Bachman running for president. I’ve met smarter cardboard boxes.


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    15 June 11 at 7:54 pm

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