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What have I become?

I have been scanning social media in the last 24 hours and I keep going back to the pits of the coliseum and the bloodthirsty crowds that screamed for death in the gladiator arena. I used to be wary of the future, now I am downright scared. This so-called Christian nation is awash in celebration because we as a collective whole have succeeded in killing a man. Isn’t there a strange irony that crowds also cheered for the death of Jesus Christ?

Now don’t get all weird and think that I don’t think Osama bin Laden should not have paid for his role in the 9/11 attack. Indeed, I do. But isn’t this the country where you are tried and found guilty by a jury of your peers and are innocent until proven guilty? Someone said yesterday that public hangings used to be popular in this country, and we should bring them back because we’ve become wimps. Right, because nothing shows how we have evolved as a culture than the collective finding delight in watching a person die.

Moreso than who bin Laden was, and what he represented, I am disturbed that we are so desensitized that a man was assassinated and that’s a call for celebration. What does that say about who we are as humans? I keep hearing how if I was a red-blooded American, I too would see the cause for joy. No. I am a human, with red blood. I don’t get how you can revel in the death of another. What is human or better yet, Christian, about that? It makes me sad at the very core of me.

So in my head, I heard the line from Nine Inch Nail’s Hurt…What have I become? Where’s my compassion, my spiritual center, what can I do to raise the consciousness of those around me to understand that true strength is about raising all of us up instead of stepping on the bodies of others to rise to the top?

So I blog…a little candle in the darkness of true tragedy — that as a culture we hold so much hate that we only come together in the celebration of bloodshed. And I watch Rome begin to fall.


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  1. You and I are usually on the same page, so it’s no surprise that I agree with you. Almost always I intentionally avoid referencing Christ’s teachings, but you’ve mentioned Christianity here a number of times. Christianity has a bloody history – no less than Muslim history and actually, probably worse. Remember the gospel story about an eye for an eye? Christ was teaching to turn the other cheek.

    I have no sympathy for the man, for sure. And, I believe that he needed to be accountable for his actions, but I pause at what we’ve done. Are we capable of determining fair retribution? I question our motives most of the time, so if he were to somehow serve our purpose in some way, would we have avoided killing him? Then again, I’m also turning into a weird conspiracy theory person because I’m deeply suspicious of the circumstances of his death. No body? Maybe he has been dead far longer than we think, or maybe he isn’t dead at all. hmmmmm…..thanks for sharing.

    3 May 11 at 7:05 am

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