welcome to the danger zone

Valentine Goat

I hope that by the time you start reading these posts, you understand that I select titles simply to catch your attention and lure you to my blogosphere. You come here seeking a Valentine goat and alas, no goat to be found. Just my randomness.

Well, while you are here…you might as well keep reading. It is Tuesday after all, the most underrated day of the week. I just finished watching some youtube videos about some new cardstock pads from Die Cuts With a View (DCWV). I was enjoying the new papers in these pads, when they started to show this pad called “All About Boys” and it’s blue and green and brown colors and “new pirate pages” with “pirate skulls.” Needless to say, the inference that only boys can be pirates crawled right under my skin. Seriously? Boys=pirates? So immediately, I went to well girls can be pirates too. And I thought well they could make girl pirate paper…but then the skulls would be cute-a-fied with bows and the ship would be pink. Thus, even if we acknowledged that girls can also be pirates, we would make them cute girl pirates instead of plain ol’pirates. Why do we continue to insist on defining every thing in pink and blue? When will we get beyond that. It’s unfair to boys and girls to say you can be this, or that, and so can you but only if we modify it for you by gender. I’m not saying that we should be androgynous, but we really need to start recognizing people by strengths and talents instead of gender. That is not to say that I don’t sometimes play the gender card…I do…but then I do feel tremendous guilt because I don’t walk my talk. I guess I’m still trapped in my “decline of western civilization” downward spiral. I remember back in the late 80’s, my friend Stacy and I were walking out on the edge of San Francisco Bay watching the fighter planes taking practice flights near Moffett Field, and talking about how unfair it was that we could never be fighter pilots because they didn’t let women do that. That was less that 25 years ago. They let them now, but I remember being pretty pissed that I couldn’t do that. Not that I wanted to be in the military, I just wanted to fly a jet fighter. Just because. We women take a lot of our opportunities for granted. Just yesterday I was reminded that Milton Hershey School didn’t accept girls until 1976 or so. We still are second class citizens in so many ways. I’m not man-bashing here…I’m just saying we are a pretty complacent lot, we women. Just something to think about. We still don’t get to play pro-sports with men. Not that I want to, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, I just got this article in my email from the Stress Institute and Mindful Living Network…and I think it explains my adoration for chocolate. Finally.

Chocolate or Marijuana
February is the month of Valentine’s Day which means love, flowers and of course chocolate. I invite all of us to celebrate the joy of chocolate this month. A new study appearing in the September issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine, found that chocolate-loving heart attack survivors cut their risk of death threefold compared to survivors who do not eat chocolate.

Adam Drewnowski, a researcher at the University of Michigan, says we desire chocolate in times of stress and anxiety because chocolate is a natural analgesic, a painkiller. Many other researchers have shown that chocolate contains compounds that have the same effects as marijuana.

want to read more?…go here…http://mindfullivingnetwork.socialgo.com/

I’m gonna go eat me some pork chops. As always, I am thankful for pigs and all their tasty yumminess.



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