welcome to the danger zone

Turkey Sandwich Tuesday

Wow, again, titling the bloggity bits had me in a quandry. I decided on Turkey Sandwich Tuesday over “It’s Been Seven Weeks Since Christmas, Take Down the Lights” because quite frankly, I’m not ready to take down my Christmas lights…as far as I am concerned, if we continue to get snow, it clearly must be Christmas.  Hear that winter? I’ll take down the lights when you back off…until then, it’s a standoff.

Why Turkey Sandwich Tuesday? Because it’s Tuesday, and I had a Turkey Sandwich for dinner. I was somewhat dismayed that the turkey, which was turkey lunchmeat, kept sliding off my sandwich. There is something unsettling about eating a sandwich which fights so hard to deconstruct itself. Just sayin’. But hey, it makes a catchy blog title.

As you may or may not know, I am all about global news. Hopefully anyone who reads my blog is aware of the unrest in Egypt and why it is occurring. And what position the United States has taken on it. And how it is falsely inflating oil prices on speculation, but that’s not my point here. I read a really interesting tweet, or shall I say retweet, today via Tom Gabel of Against Me! (whom I might add, I will be seeing live on March 8th) who retweeted Joy Behar’s tweet “Let us imagine Sarah Palin dealing with Egypt right now.”  THAT made my blood run cold. Can you even begin to imagine that? Would she take to the air and try to shoot Mubarak from a helicopter like a wolf? Would she “bun-up” and scold him? Would she vilify Palestine for being a Muslim stronghold? Would we be going to war? What would she do? Who would she rely on?

If this scenario isn’t scary enough, imagine our country being run by beauty queen/half term governor/reality tv star. Would we choose Snooki to lead us if she served two years of a four year term of governor?

Anyway, I’m still working on the Yurt thing. Anyone else want to go hang out in a yurt for a weekend. An electronic and media free weekend. (we can bring the cell phones, but we have to leave them in the car, cameras are ok.) I also have to figure out what to make for this superbowl party on Sunday. If you find yourself without Superbowl plans, and are a Steeler fan, there’s a party in Shenandoah this Sunday at the Glover’s Hill Club. I think it’s $10 a head. I’ll be working the door. It starts at noon. There will be food, and drunken steelers’s fans provide the entertainment. My brothers wanted me to make baked ziti, something I think I have made twice in my life. I’ve offered up some alternatives. I don’t want to make baked ziti.

So mi amigas/amigos, time to go. Chopped is on. Catfish and rutabagas in the appetizer round.


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