welcome to the danger zone

Soapbox Sunday

I know, I know, it was just soapbox Thursday.

I can’t help it though, recent events force me to pull out the old
orange crate and stand in my psuedo-forum and tap-tap-tap my distress at
the state of current events. Some of us tweet, some of us don’t and of
those of us who do, I doubt there are many who actually use it as a news
source, but I do. I get CNN tweets, and other feeds from news, so that I
can be on top of what is going on and then click through if something
is interesting. Pretty much everyone knows that there was a very public
shooting yesterday, but the scariest part of it is that there is at
least one random shooting showing up in my tweets EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a
killing, but some deranged human with a gun going off randomly and
shooting some one at a school, or a church, or a business, or a public
building. Most recently they have been businesses and schools, but
rarely do they capture the headlines like Saturday’s shooting did. This
troubles me. Because no one cared until it was a political figure taking
a bullet. And I don’t believe that any of this will make a difference.
We’ll prattle on about  this is why we should/shouldn’t have background
investigations or open carry laws. We’ll talk about how this is the
fault of or could have been stopped by stronger gun laws. We’ll cluck
and chirps and even tweet about how this man deserves torture or the
death penalty or whatever. I call bullshit.

What it comes down to is this: American’s will chatter about freedom,
they’ll talk about being united, caring for one another, blah blah blah.
We’ll have vigils and say prayers, but when push comes to shove, which
it will – we’ll tell our kids not to take any guff from another kid, if
someone hits you, hit back, don’t let anyone take advantage of you, make
sure you get what is yours, we’ll complain about how the government
cheats and steals from our pockets so we’ll steal and cheat back, etc
etc. The fact is that we’ll talk about how we care, but we don’t walk
the walk. We don’t care for our fellow man, we simply are kind enough to
make sure they don’t try to steal from us or kill us. All I have been
able to think about as I read each headline is this…some mother is
aching about the horrible choice her son just made, some husband is
hoping his wife recovers and he can be rejoined with the woman he
married, another mother is mourning the death of her child, other
mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends have been traumatized by
this horrific event. And EVERY DAY another one happens that doesn’t
make national news, but still the same sort of people are hurting, and
it’s just another day for the rest of us.

Why am I writing about this? Do I have a solution? No, I don’t …I
mean, I do have an utopian vision of what I would like to see. But that
isn’t going to happen, unless I have a fairy godmother with wishes. All I
wish is that we, myself included, spent less time being selfish, and
more time caring about others, especially those who we DON’T know and
love. That we spend more time giving instead of holding out our hands.
We spend so much time trying to accumulate stuff and then worrying about
someone taking it from us, that we become like the frightened hoarders
that we are so fascinated with on tv. We may not live in those
conditions, but we still have that same fear that someone will take what
we have collected away from us.

Anyway, in addition to my blogging and gratitude, I think I need to work
on non-attachment this year. I look around me as see this excess that
is totally unnecessary. I realize that this need to have things just for
the sake of having, and how having things is a really poor way to
determine my own self worth. I am the sum of my acts not the sum of my
possessions and I seem to forget that.

So before I go this evening this evening dear reader, I want to share
some articles I was reading that kind of inspired me to drag out my
little podium…and there’s no denying they have a liberal bent, but
just something to think about.
Palin Article

New York Times

Ken Olbermann

Enjoy, and just a side note, Dunkin Donuts no longer has pancake bites. Another sign of the apocalypse.


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