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Some Days Life is a Play List

So I was on my way home from work, and listening to the ipod, which despite its excessive age (I think it’s a second generation mini or whatever came before the shuffle) has served me well. It holds my meditation playlist, my holiday cd playlists (and if you didn’t get your annual holiday cd and still want one, they are available) and the gianormous playlist I call drive music. It’s huge. It’s got everything on it, well everything I consider good music. The point is, that I started to listen to that playlist today and then started skipping songs to get to old favorites, or new ones, or just songs I haven’t heard yet. What? you say. Haven’t heard yet? How could you have music you haven’t heard yet?

Here’s how. I read reviews. I get recommendations, and then I get a 30 second sound bite, I give it an up or down rating and if it’s up, I download it. I ask people what they think I should download. That is, people whose taste level I appreciate. I don’t like cookie cutter music. I don’t like eccentric just for the sake of eccentricity. I like music that says something, sounds good (at least to me) and can take me somewhere beyond the mundane. Today’s selections made me want to dance. I’ve been a tad moody lately, and those of you who know me well, know what the reason behind that may be. It is also the time I am most creative. And it will all come to a screeching halt soon enough, so I play in the sandbox until I get pulled out. It’s cool to be in this space now and again. But that’s not what I was planning to blog about, so lets put this train back on the track. For once. Consistency. Blech.

Anyway, my playlist was making me want to dance. That fun kind of dancing where you aren’t dancing to impress anyone, but just because something wacky in you wants to move. The kind of dancing that happens spontaneously because the music finds that place in you where it connects and changes you at the core for a little while.  Maybe you get what I am talking about, maybe you don’t…and if you don’t I’m sad for you, because that kind of dancing is liberation. It’s joy in a pure form. Something none of us older than 4 really  understand anymore. Rarely.

Now, not every playlist makes me want to dance. There is the my-life-is-so-sad-and-pathetic-playlist that would make most people commit suicide after listening to the first song. There’s a time and place for that one. Usually the end of January and that time in March when you don’t believe spring will ever come. Then there’s the death and dying playlist that is usually a requiem for lost friends and for the month of October, when the leave have fallen. Then there’s the spring playlist, the summer “vodka cocktails in the waterbottle lets go swimming” playlist and the summer roadtrip playlist. There’s also no stupid ellipti-hell trainer machine is going to kick my butt playlist, that is played at the gym, which I need to take my every widening ass into soon.

Anyway, I’m all about sharing. And making a new playlist, so I don’t have to scroll through the bajillion songs on the ipod to get to the dance list. That in mind, I share with you the first batch of songs that will become the new playlist. I am sure many of you will be clueless about some of the bands, but hey, trust me on them.  And if you are really adventurous, listen to the last Future of the Left CD maybe on Pandora or something…I still crack up every time I listen to “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You” and they are phenomenal live. Ask my the newer BFF Sharky. She saw them with me. Which reminds me that I need to make reservations for the AM! show in March, but before I become dis…whoa, shiny thing on tv.

Any way…the partial playlist…which on the ipod is called  “dance,  little pony, dance”

True Believers – Bouncing Souls
Dirty Glass – Dropkick Murphys
Nothing Stays the Same – Elastica
Heartbeat Song – The Futureheads
Away, Away – The Go Set
Sleepy Tigers – Her Space Holiday
The Freudian Slip N Slide – The Judy Garland Death Squad
For Reasons Unknown – The Killers
Live By The Water – Papa Fritas
Burn – Against Me!
Missy – The Airborne Toxic Event
If I Should Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly
Into Action – Tim Armstrong



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