welcome to the danger zone

Where’s my McRib?

That’s right. I just noticed it’s missing. I want it back. I want it back in all its odd-tasting-bbq-saucy-way-too-many-crunchy-onion-and-make-sure-there-are-no-stupid-pickles-on-it goodness. So McDonald’s, I am sure you are reading my blog, so give it back. I think it’s only fair since I can’t drink out of my shrek glasses anymore.

Soapbox time.

Okay, so I tivo a lot of  TV, because a lot of things I like to watch are on at the same time, and because I am often too tired to watch shows that come on late so I can watch them on Saturdays or Sundays, or when I can’t sleep. Plus I get to avoid commercials. But in that painful stretch of holiday tv time, when nothing new comes on, and there’s not much worth watching besides Christmas specials, or say a whole tivo’d season of SOA, I had to watch live tv. I mean even Gangland was in reruns of reruns. The shows I was forced to watch (I know, say it…you can read you know, and yes I can. I even have stacks of books I have not read yet. and which I should read) were not the problem. It was the commercials. Or shall I say one commercial in particular. Wanna guess which one? I’ll give you a hint. It involves .60 cents a day, and animals.

That’s right, I am calling out the SPCA commercials.

Seriously, I get that people love animals. I get that some people are pretty crazy about their animals. BUT THEY ARE ANIMALS. Technically, if we were not so advanced, there would be little to discuss. Lower mammal on the food chain = dinner. I am not against having pets, let’s get that clear first. But every time I see that stupid commercial with Sarah McLachlan or however you spell it, saying please save these  animals, I cringe. HUMANS are starving. HUMANS have no health coverage. HUMANS are homeless. HUMANS are victims of domestic abuse, of sexual abuse, of being penalized for who they love and more. It really isn’t even that money is being spent to help animals, it’s just that we are so harsh to our fellow man, we are so critical, we are so invested in punishing those who don’t work as hard as we do, that we would rather spend millions, and probably billions, on mistreated animals than give the homeless a blanket, or make sure people can get a hot cup of soup, or help a single mom pay for daycare, or keep little girls and boys from being trafficked as sex slaves. No really, it’s okay to make sure an abandoned animal doesn’t get destroyed by sending a check but if a penny of your tax dollars goes to those lazy slugs…you know, to make sure the homeless don’t freeze to death, or that a woman with no dental insurance can get a tooth pulled, we can’t abide it. My heart breaks when I see that commercial, not because of what I see on tv, but because no commercials are on the air for what I see all around me in the real world. It sickens me. To live in world where there is such amazing wealth and to see when even the slightest suggestion is made to share some of it with the less fortunate it’s labeled socialism, the worst evil known to mankind. Right. It’s this hypocrisy in our world that baffles me. We’ll deprive a street kid of a potential shelter bed because they aren’t worth that investment, but we’ll raise money to make sure homeless cats get a good meal and warm place to sleep. It’s wrong. And it makes me remember every day how very unimportant I am in the grand scheme of changing the world, but how much power I have to change one life. And how just being grateful for how much I DO have instead of feeling deprived by the lack of whatever overpriced highly marketed cheaply made do-dad I don’t have is really more important. How just the fact that I sleep in a building with a roof and running water and more than one room actually makes me richer than 90% of the people on this planet. Yeah, so that’s my soapbox. And here’s my plug : www.modestneeds.org – a fabulous organization that lets you see how your donation will make a difference. I know that times are tough for everyone,  but one dollar or two a month won’t make that much a difference in your overall wealth. But combined with the one or two dollars of a hundred other people like you on modestneeds.org it can turn someone’s life around. So yeah,  that’s my soapbox for Thursday. As promised.

And one other thing…when you are planning to donate stuff to an organization that helps people…if you won’t or can’t wear it because it’s torn, stained, etc. those to whom you are donating to can’t either. Don’t donate stuff that really should be thrown away. There is no magic in a shelter that can remove impossible stains or mend fabric, and someone down on their luck does not need to be handed a stained garment to remind them they are in dire straits. They already know. If you want to make a difference, pick up a six-pack of socks, or underwear or some toothbrushes and toothpaste, some grocery store gift cards and give those with your wearable used items as well. A clean pair of socks for a homeless person is gold.

and I leave you with two of my  favorite quotes:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi.

“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” Jack London


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