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Tuesday, Tuesday

I wonder why no one ever wrote a “Tuesday, Tuesday” song. I think Tuesdays are under-rated. I mean really, think about it. Everyone is always pissed off at Monday, and thrilled on Wednesday because they are hump days, Thursday is pre-weekend, and well, we all know what Friday-Saturday and Sunday are. I personally adore Tuesdays for 13 weeks every fall, because Tuesday is SOA night, and for 1 hour every Tuesday from September to December, I get to indulge in the uber biker adventure, and get to watch eye-candy that is atypical of my “ideal”. Tuesday’s are also awesome because there’s really no expectation of them. They just are. It’s Tuesday. No stress.

But really, when I sat down tonight I was going to blog about so many things…or at least one, and then I kind of lost steam after dinner. I had my soap box out, but I think I will save it for another day, like a Thursday, because why scar Tuesday this early on? Let’s not taint Tuesday.

I’m about ready to start on my anti-valentine day cards, which really aren’t anti-valentine, as much as they are dark valentine cards. This is because I don’t really get how candy and flowers and red and pink things say much about love except “commercial” and “phony”. Love is tainted with the crimson of blood, dirty with the labor you have to put into it, stained with tears and sparkly with laughter. There are no puppies. No kittens. Maybe a monkey, but certainly not a teddy bear. Maybe a large black bear, because they are fierce and real love is just that fierce.  I’ve never had my “ideal” valentine in my life. The one that came closest involved a potted mum and some chocolates from Woolworth’s Five and Ten. I don’t know if you can tell, but I am not much of a romantic. I am not even sure what an ideal valentines day would look like for me, I only know what it wouldn’t look like. And why am I going on about this? I don’t know, but it must mean something.

One of my other “plans” for consistent behavior in 2011 is to make the time to meditate. I have a perfectly good ipod that I can listen to guided meditation on. I just need to load the file on it. Unfortunately, the cord is upstairs where the computer is not. So this task will again wait until the morning. Mostly because cupcake wars is on. Which is another strange obsession of mine, because quite frankly, I don’t even like cupcakes. Which means that they are not included in the ideal valentine which I have yet to define.

Well, entry 2 accomplished. Not exactly Hemingway, but like they say, if you want to write more you have to write more, and free association blogging seems the way to go for me. Hang in there folks, my soapbox isn’t that far away. I am just struggling to decide if it’s more important to focus on 60 cents a day, or a 60 second period of time in which I commit a crime I don’t even remember. Or something else entirely.

On a totally unrelated note, March 9 – Dropkick Murphys and Against Me! That’s right…an amazing night of fun and adventure and mother and son bonding. Yay!


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  1. I agree with you about love. I think it’s multi-faceted, very stretchy and full of opportunity.

    5 January 11 at 3:37 pm

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