welcome to the danger zone

This was exhausting!

So when I decided to re-enter the blog-o-sphere, I did not know that just creating the dang template was going to be so flipping complicated. First you have to set up the account, which requires a thoughtful title. Apparently, voicesinmyhead was already taken, or spelled wrong, so I went to my fall back title, peckalicious. Account created!

Then I have to pick a theme…well, that took an hour, and there were only 100. Next,  I had to pick out the widgets. Again, with choices. Egad! But I carried on. Of course I had to stop for a glass of water, to ponder where my eyebrow ring is, to watch the original “Hell House” and then get myself a plate of leftover rigatoni. So much for sparkling wit and profound insight here…you get what you pay for, and since neither of us are paying anything for this, we can’t have unrealistic expectations, can we?

So what will you eventually find here in my newest bloggityblog? I don’t know. I know tomorrow is a new moon eclipse which is supposed to be an ideal time to ask the universe to assist you in your goals. A great start to a new year if you ask me, which up until now has not been so great. So I’m all for starting fresh. (as an aside, someone in town got a new thumping car stereo for Christmas, which has passed my house more than 5 times in the last 2 hours, vibrating everything that is not nailed down – where is local law enforcement when you need them? I’ll tell you where…watching a dang red light enforcement camera in center city Philly, that’s where…giving ME a ticket when I don’t even remember that stupid light turning red).

I don’t know where this blog will lead. Or what will land here. I make no promises that it will make sense, but I guarantee that I will occasionally get on my soapbox, sporadically have epiphanies, bitch sort of frequently, and try my best to be more thankful than I am needy. More than likely, I will share my latest meal, pictures I take and/or find amusing and all the twisted ephemera that make up my life. (oxymoron – a society created to preserve ephemera, as well as a blog that is ephemeric in nature) Oh yeah, I will also guarantee to make up random words as I see fit.

That’s enough for now. I’m worn out. And the cookies are all the way in the kitchen. Perhaps tomorrow I will hold your rapt attention by relaying the story of cabs, cops and white hot brake lights.


One response

  1. So glad that you decided to begin. I love you’re writing and the site looks terrific, despite your setbacks. Promise that you’ll share some of your terrific artwork as well. That always inspires me! Oh – but you might also have to explain how you did it.

    4 January 11 at 7:56 am

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